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Proudly Certified Australian Made & Australian Owned

We are proudly certified to use the Australian Made and Australian Grown logo which is a world recognized symbol of Australian Made quality. 

We are avid supporters of local businesses and home grown products and feel it's important to keep these craftsmanship skills and traditions local which have been passed down through generations.

By buying Australian made goods you're not only supporting local jobs and our economy, you are ensuring for yourself a quality made leather product.

All of our leather goods are made out of our factory in Brunswick East, Victoria by our two leather artisans with a strong understanding of the craft. 

Our durable, functional and timeless accessories are made one at a time allowing our craftspeople to give the required care and attention to each piece.

We believe that owning one well-made product is far more rewarding and environmentally conscious than multiple mass-produced 'fast fashion' products and are very proud to be producing our leather goods locally. 



We were recently featured in the Australian Made Campaign AUSTRALIAN MAKERS behind the scenes video campaign featuring our family-owned leather accessories label Graine and our longest standing tanneries Austanners which supply our high quality Australian made leathers for our range that will stand the test of time.

The Australian makers campaign shines a light on the people, processes, leathers and the story behind our Australian family-owned accessories label.