Product Care

 Please follow the below guidelines to ensure your Graine piece ages like a good wine.  

Leather Information

Leather is a natural product and at Graine we believe in conserving the environment and we use as much of the leather hide as possible in all our designs. This means you may find imperfections such as blemishes or scratches on some of our products. Please be aware that your item may change colour and texture over time, this is what adds beautiful characteristics to our products.

Each piece of leather our products are made from is different so no two items will be the same. That’s what makes our product so unique and we hope you enjoy this point of difference. 

All the points above are part of the natural product we use and we can not accept returns for any of these issues 

Leather Care

We recommend applying a good quality leather protector/leather conditioner to your product to help protect against stain absorption, marking and to help the product age. We do not currently sell these products and can not be responsible for any damages incurred.

Hair on hide Care

Do not use leather conditioner/protector on hair on hide.

To clean the fur, first brush delicately in the direction of the hair (not against the knap) to remove loose dirt. Then, using a damp cloth, gently rub the fur being sure to avoid excessive moisture.


We suggest when your product is not in use it is stored in the dust bag included away from sunlight to help it maintains it’s original quality as long as possible.


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