Leather Care Guide

To maintain the beauty of your Graine bag we recommend the following. 

Leather Care

  • To maintain the beauty of your Graine product we recommend applying a good quality leather protector spray and using a good quality leather conditioner to treat the product, which will increase its longevity. 
  • We recommend using Waproo Water and Stain Protector upon purchase of your piece, with repeated application at regular intervals depending on how often you use your piece (be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.)
  • Do not put leather pieces on the ground or rub against abrasive surfaces.
  • Wipe away most superficial scratches, scuffs or marks with a clean, damp cloth – a gentle, even wipe over the entire panel before leaving your piece to dry naturally is best.
  • Keep your leather piece, and its hardware, dry at all times.
  • Leather can be easily scuffed and stained – we recommend keeping leather pieces away from the floor, pens and anything sharp.
  • Screw-in hardware on leather pieces can loosen with wear – be sure to give yours an occasional tightening.
  • We do not currently sell these products and cannot be responsible for any damages incurred.

Leather information

  • Leather is a natural material and will wear and soften with age and use. 
  • Leather can fade over time, especially if exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Leather is a natural product and at Graine we believe in conserving the environment and we use as much of the leather hide as possible in all of our designs so you may find natural scarring, little flecks, creases and variations on some of our leather pieces this is what adds beautiful characteristics to our products. 

Hair on hide Care

Do not use leather conditioner or protector on the hair on hide. If needed, use a soft, clean bristle brush in the direction of the hair to remove any remaining debris.

If you need to spot clean, first wipe with a humid soft cloth in the direction of the hair. Then use a clean sponge dampened with water or neutral soap to wipe away any dirt.

For stain removal, immediately remove any excess liquids or solids with a paper towel, soft clean cloth or sponge. Dab and wipe in direction of the hair. Soak up as much liquid as possible to prevent any liquids from soaking into the hide.


  • We suggest when your product is not in use it is stored in the cotton dust bag that we provide away from sunlight to help it maintains its original quality as long as possible.